Wood Threading

Wood Threading These are very handy for cutting threads onto a dowel and cutting matching threads on a hole. I found the 3/4" version to have the most uses for the scale of timber framing.

This threadbox and tap, for cutting external and internal threads in wood, is useful for making clamps, jigs, fixtures, knockdown furniture, toys, and novelties. Although traditional in design, modern technology and metallurgical advances have improved the traditional threadbox and tap and perfected its components.

* Hardwood threadbox with turned handles has an aluminum insert to prevent wear and extend the tool life.

* Steel tap is machined to close tolerances and designed to allow easy chip clearance.

* The resulting wood thread is both tight fitting and strong.

* Available in five sizes.

* Includes threadbox, regular tap and instructions.

Bottoming Taps are for cutting threads to the bottom of a blind hole. Use them after a regular tap has gone as far as it can in your hole. (Bottoming taps sold separately.)