Prize Trace Hook from Dirty Shed Creations

I started watching the YouTube channel Dirty Shed Creations when they began their wood log throne series about 6 months ago and I have not missed a release yet. I like Dirty Shed creations both for its enjoyable cast of characters (Uncle Al, Camera Boy, and Tammy) and the projects they come up with match my tastes.

Two months back, they forged an iron trace hook for their throne and produced a great video detailing the making of it. My son was pretty fascinated by the process, so that inspired an interest in making a forge and having a bit of fun…. more on that in other posts. At the close of this video, they offered one up for a contest prize. I entered, and then sat slack jawed in my chair watching the surprise announcement here. The flying spade bit of fate ran in my favor that day and I won the trace hook.

Yesterday, it arrived in the mail after its long journey across the Atlantic.

Trace hook from Dirty Shed Creations

It really is a thing of beauty. It has an old luster to it as well as the Dirty Shed Creation stamp as well as a skull stamp. It also came with some Dirty Shed Creation stickers.

Dirty Shed Creations stamp.

On the back of this beauty is the value building serial number of 001. My son wants to stash it away with his rare comic books. I said, “No! This baby is for working not collecting.” I proved it by pointing to the upper left where the formula for electrical Work “IRT” has been clearly stamped. My son proposed a counter theory that the stamp is my last name “WIRT” but they drilled through the W. I said “Either way it is meant to work.”

We set about looking for where this should be used. I even proposed mounting it to a belt as a belt buckle… My son countered with “That’s disturbing.” He’s a good son not to encourage me. 🙂

I have a few project ideas in mind for it, but have not picked one yet. My son on the other hand wants to try forging another trace hook of his own. We shall see.

Thanks to the three amigos at Dirty Shed Creations for taking the time to make and share this with me.