Woodworking Books – Online

This is a small collection of old time wood working books and other reference materials related to timber framing or general wood working.  (the links will become active as I get them online)

  • Woodwork Joints by by William Fairham
    This ebook has a fantastic representation of hundreds of woodworking joints.   The drawings are quite good as are the instructions.
  • Woodworking Tools 1600-1900 by Peter C. Welsh
    A nice overview of how woodworking tools changed as they progressed from the 17th to the 19th century.
  • Handwork in Wood by William Noyes
    This is a dated textbook for high school wood working teachers.  It has some nice explanations and some good diagrams.
  • The Mechanical Properties of Wood by Samuel Record
  • Seasoning of Wood by Joseph Bernard Wagner
  • Teacher’s Handbook of Sloid
  • Wood-Carving Design and Workmanship by George Jack
  • A Course in Wood Turning by Archie Milton and Otto Wohlers
  • Another large collection of wood related ebooks
  • additional old woodworking books

Woodworking Websites

Tool Books

  • ABC’s of Hand Tools (pdf) – A great book from 1945 written by GM that is short, simple to read and contains good examples of how to use and not use a variety of common tools.

Technical References

Online Woodworking Tools

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