Woodwork Joints

How They Are Set Out, How Made and Where Used

by William Fairham

Part of The Woodworker Series originally published by Evan Brothers, Limited – London


  1. Glued Joints
  2. Halved Joints
  3. Bridle Joints
  4. Tongued & Grooved Joints
  5. Mortise & Tenon Joints
  6. Dowelling Joints
  7. Scarf Joints
  8. Hinged Joints
  9. Shutting Joints
  10. Dovetail Joints
  11. Dovetail Grooving
  12. Mitered Joints
  13. Joints for Curved Work
  14. Miscellaneous Joints
  15. Puzzle Joints


To be successful in woodwork construction the possession of two secrets is essential—to know the right joint to use, and to know how to make that joint in the right way. The woodwork structure or the piece of cabinet-work that endures is the one on which skillful hands have combined to carry out what the constructive mind planned. And it is just here that the present Volume will help, not alone the beginner who wishes preliminary instruction, but also the expert who desires guidance over ground hitherto unexplored by him.

In the preparation of this new edition the Publishers have secured the services of Mr. William Fairham, by whom the chapters have been carefully revised and re-illustrated. Although intended for the practical man, and not professing to be a graded course of “educational woodwork,” the Volume is one which Handicraft Instructors will find of the greatest value in conducting woodwork classes. No book hitherto published contains such a variety of illustrations of joints, almost all of which will form suitable exercises of practical educational importance in a woodworking course.