Handwork In Wood

Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Arts.


Teachers College, Columbia University

The Manual Arts Press
Peoria, Illinois



  1. Logging
  2. Sawmilling
  3. Seasoning and Measuring of Wood
  4. Hand Tools for Wood
    1. Chisels, Gouges & DrawKnife
    2. Saws
    3. Planes
    4. Boring Tools
    5. Chopping Tools
    6. Scraping Tools
    7. Pounding Tools
    8. Holding Tools (clamps, vices)
    9. Measuring & Marking Tools
    10. Tool Sharpening
  5. Wood Fastenings
  6. Equipment In a Student Shop
  7. Care of the Student Woodworking Shop
  8. The Common Joints
    1. Heading Joints
    2. Butt Joints
    3. Halving Joints
    4. Modified Halving Joints
    5. Mortise and Tenon Joints
    6. Dovetail Joints
    7. Beveled Joints
  9. Types of Wooden Structures
  10. Principles of Joinery
  11. Wood Finishing
  12. Bibliograpy


This book is intended primarily for teachers of woodwork, but the author hopes that there will also be other workers in wood, professional and amateur, who will find in it matter of interest and profit.

The successful completion of the book is due chiefly to the untiring assistance of my wife, Anna Gausmann Noyes, who has made almost all of the drawings, corrected the text, read the proof, and attended to numberless details.

Acknowledgments are hereby thankfully given for corrections and suggestions in the text made by the following persons:

Mr. Chas. W. Weick of Teachers College, and Mr. W. F. Vroom of Public School No. 5, of New York City, for revision of Chapters IV and V on tools and fastenings.

Mr. Clinton S. VanDeusen of Bradley Polytechnic Institute, for revision of Chapter X on wood finishing.

The Forest Service, Washington, D. C. for the originals of Figs. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 33, and 54.

The New York State Forest Fish and Game Commission for the originals of Figs. 12, 14, 15, and 47.

T. H. McAllister of New York for the originals of Figs. 16 and 20.

The Detroit Publishing Company for the original of Fig. 6.

The B. F. Sturtevant Company, Hyde Park, Mass., for the original of Fig. 57.

Doubleday, Page & Co. for the original of Fig. 30.

Mr. Louis A. Bacon, Indianapolis. Ind., for the clamping device shown in Fig. 255.

Sargent & Company, New Haven, Conn., W. C. Toles & Company, Chicago, Ill., The Berlin Machine Works, Beloit, Wis., A. A. Loetscher, Dubuque, Iowa, and the Stanley Rule and Level Co., New Britain, Conn., for electrotypes.

Allis Chalmers Company, Milwaukee, Wis., Clark Brothers, Belmont, N. Y., The M. Garland Company, Bay City, Mich., The Prescott Company, Menominee, Mich., for illustrations of sawmilling machinery.

And most of all, I wish to acknowledge my obligation to the numerous writers of whose books and articles I have made free use, to which references are made in the appropriate places.