Sunset Heart Candle Holder

Back in February 2020 I was looking for a small fast project to make with my son.  Some of my projects are kind of big and he loses interest, so I was looking for something small.  I came up with the idea for a candle holder made from three pieces of wood laminated together.

heart candle holder plans

I wanted the middle layer to be dark and show through a heart cutout on each of the outer layers.  I also wanted the middle layer to protrude from the ends by maybe a 1/4″ to add some visual interest at the edges.

simple bandsaw crosscut

I had two pieces of cypress and a scrap of something that I think came off a pallet.  It was much harder and more dense than the cypress but was not anything I could identify.  First we cut them all to length.  My son’s first time at the bandsaw using a miter guide.

charring wood to darken and texture

For the color we used a bernzomatic propane torch to make it dark and brushed off the loose stuff.  We repeated this a few times until the texture of the wood started to emerge.

I made a heart template by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting it, the same way you’d make a valentines card.  Then traced the template onto the cypress pieces and cut the shape on the bandsaw.

The cypress was hand planed (offcuts from a previous project) so no sanding needed.

Heart candle holder

We glued the three pieces together and put it in a couple of clamps.  When the glue set up, I used a forstner  bit to drill three spots for some tea lights. Then we sprayed it with a few coats  spray shellac.  Normally I’d use pure Tung oil, but I did not want the oil near the candles.

heart tea light holder

Simple and pretty quick to build, but I enjoy the look of it.