Craftsman Dropping Tape Measures

If I have to buy a new unpowered hand-tool (one I can't get vintage) I try, whenever possible, to buy Craftsman.  The quality is usually pretty good and the convenience of being able to use the lifetime warranty at any Sears is worth it.  There are other brands that have lifetime warranties, but none are as easy as walking into a Sears and trading a broken tool for a new tool.

So when I needed a new tape measure I stopped into Sears and found a whole selection of Stanley tape measures, but there was not a Craftsman to be found, and a big empty space in the rack.  I asked the person working there where the Craftsman tape measures were (thinking they were just in a promotional spot rather than in the isle).  I was told that Craftsman is no longer offering Tape Measures.  Stanley is the brand they will be carrying from now on.

craftsman tape measure

I asked what would happen if I had a Craftsman that was broken.  "We have some  Craftsman Tape Measures on hand for warranty replacement only."  Probably not too many though since the warranty didn't apply to the tape itself, just the case and lock function.

The Craftsman website still shows Craftsman tape measures as available.  Apparently not for much longer though.