Safety glasses – my favorite Radians passes the test

Safety in my workshop is important to me.  Especially eye safety.  One of my eyes is in pretty bad shape (not from the workshop) so it makes me all the more protective of my one good eye.  Over the years I have gone through a lot of safety glasses.  Many of them have failed due to rubber nose pads or ear pieces falling off.  But a few years back I found a brand and style that I really like.  Radians C2 safety glasses have wrap around lenses that fit nicely and don’t have a lot of poorly attached rubber pads.  They also have bifocals.  They are priced at around $10 and come in smoked, tinted or clear versions.  I rate them as my favorite.  I have several in the shop at any time, because I sweat like crazy down here in Florida, so when one pair gets all dripped on, I just grab the next pair.

Safety Tested – Radians passed

A few weeks ago, I mistakenly set my glasses down on some super glue.   It damaged one of the lenses so I pried it out of the frame  in case I needed the good lense or the frame.  Then the thought hit me…. whack the bad lense with a hammer just to make sure it would stand up to an impact.  I hit it several times with a ball peen hammer and it bounced right off with barely a scratch.  My son (9) wanted to try, so he proceeded to hit it repeatedly with a hammer, and then moved on to trying to smash it on the driveway with a large rock, then half a cinder block.  I eventually had to stop him because the driveway was in danger.    You can see in the photo, the lense scratched, but never failed from the impacts.  I’m convinced.  🙂

Radians C2 glasses, take a beating

Radians C2 glasses, take a beating.

I’m also a big fan of the Radians Mirage Small glasses for kids.  My son has been wearing them from age 1 – 9 and is now using Radians Mirage normal sized.

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