Multi-set drill index with guide

I have a bunch of drill bits.   Anything over 1/4″ I don’t go through that rapidly,  but anything under 1/4″ they are prone to breakage or other tip damage.  As a result I have a bunch of these small packs of bits that are incomplete sets.  It is a pain to rifle through them for the bit I need, and in the case where I have duplicated , I can’t easily compare them to see which is in better shape..  I was complaining to my son about it and how I wanted a drill index that let you put multiples of the same size in it so I could seem them all next to each other.  He went off to Thing-i-verse  (a site where people share 3d models) and found a few single set indexes and I said, I want that one… but repeated.   So he did some fine work in Fusion360 and created a model that holds 4 sets of bits.

The footprint it takes up in my drill drawer is smaller than the indexes that came with the bits.

He beveled the openings for the bits to make them easier to put back in


The birdsmouth keeps the smallest bits which are usually the shortest from disappearing into the hole.

But wait, there’s more. The birdsmouth  is also a guide for drilling 90 degress to the surface.


We tried to put numbering on to indicate the size, but it meant we had to make the size quite a bit bigger and I preferred the smaller size so we left them off.

He contributed it back to the world by making it available on ThingIVerse so you can print it too.

He printed it on his Ender 3 V2  with Polymaker matte PLA filliment and it came out great