The Corner Chisel

Corner Chisel for timber framing The Corner Chisel for timber framing is a much larger version of a corner chisel used for smaller woodworking. I found this tool to be invaluable during the project. It is perfect for squaring up the corners of a mortise. This was especially true when much of the mortise had been hogged out with a drill or auger. Much time in timber framing is directly tied to making round holes rectangular. There are two features I looked for in choosing the antique corner chisel I bought.

  • It had to be a socket chisel, meaning that you can replace the handle fairly easily
  • It was going to get hit hard many times so it needed a ferule on the end of the handle to help keep it together.

I turned to this chisel often throughout the entire project and can not imagine doing the project without it. My only gripe is that it is tricky to sharpen. Once you get a good sharp bevel and flat backs, protect it from harm.

I paid roughly $60 for my corner chisel from an antique shop. New ones start at $100 and go up from there.