Workshop Memories

In putting together some photos for my next post, I discovered some photos of some funnier times in the workshop with my son.  These are in chronological order.  They make me smile and laugh. Hopefully they’ll bring some joy to you too.

Son in the workshop.

Uh Dad… Mom is upstairs saying I shouldn’t be in the workshop in my Jammies.

Happy child hammering.

Sunshine and bamming with the hammer.

Child drilling with dad.

Drilling dog holes with Dad.

Child with safety glasses on.

Braced for business.

Safety in the shop child.

Dad!!! Did you toot?

Child playing with a funnel

Dog holes are fun.

Child sawing.

Sawing with a toy ryoba.

Child sharpening a saw.

And now it’s time to sharpen my ryoba.

Child with sledge hammer

What to do with a sledge hammer when you can barely lift it????

Child playing a sledge.

Play guitar of course.

Child using a file.

Time for some shaping.

child with a dewalt drill

Fun with a drill (no its not plugged in.)

Child running lathe.

Pumping the lathe is funnn!

Child marking a wood.

Measure twice, cut once.

Kid with screwdriver.

Screwdriver drumming!

Child drumming log.

Who needs a drum set, when I have pink cedar?

Kid with a jack plane.

Jack planing.

kid planing

Nice whispy shavings.

Child building tool tote.

Three generations working on a tool tote.

Child using spokeshave.

I’m spokeshaving my tool tote handle.

Kid with mallet.

Chisel practice.

child pruning a tree

Gathering some wood. 😉

Child painting a wall.

Painting the workshop wall.

Child chiseling.

Chopping my first dovetails. (Dad is so proud… now if only he would put down the camera and come back to hold this chisel.)

Child sawing dovetails.

Sawing my first dovetails. (Why is dad smiling and crying?)

Okay.  I promise to quit kidding around and get to some actual woodworking and blog posting soon.