Rough Sawn Lumber Delivery

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I contacted many local lumber yards and either they didn’t sell rough sawn pine or their time to get it delivered was beyond when I needed it (had to coincide with my vacation). I also contacted a local Amish sawyer and that would have been the most affordable method but they couldn’t have the wood ready in time and I would have had to arrange separately for delivery.

Surprisingly enough, Lowes had connections with a large scale lumber mill and was able to get me my order within 2 weeks and they managed the delivery. They even bring their own forklift!! Most of the lengths of the wood is 16+ feet long to build our 10’x14′ Solarium.

First to come off are the pressure treated sill plates and floor joists. Everything else is the Red Pine.

Inspecting the 1″x8″x16′ Yep, its rough. All of this will become siding and roof boards.

My Father-in-law (FIL) counting to make sure I got what I ordered.
Uhhh…something’s not right. The order was for Six 4″x6″x12′ and Two 6″x6″x12′ …they reversed it by sending Six 6″x6″s. Oh well, leads to a stronger foundation and a few alterations to the plans. I had no time to send them back and get what I ordered.
What do you mean they only sent 2 rough 6″x6″x16′??? I ordered 4!! (this leads to several days of calling Lowes who 3 days later sends out 2 Pressure Treated 6x6x16 instead of rough sawn. Arrgh!!. Sent that back to get what I ordered. Those were the beams for the roof. We won’t need those to get started so Lowes has a little time to correct the mistake. Which they did after about 2 weeks. 🙁

With the help of my FIL we got the wood unpacked and stacked with stickers between it to help it dry and try to avoid blue stain. (a fungus that grows in pine where moisture collects).

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