Starting Up

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Background: Timber frame construction (often called post and beam) uses a method of large posts secured only with joints (wood puzzle pieces) and wooden pegs. After reading a great little book called Diary of an Early American Boy (a gift from my nephew) I got the idea to start designing a building that used no metal in its construction. Timber framing is a method of construction that is extremely long lasting and durable…and a lot of hard work. (Steve is a sadist, for wanting to build in this style) This Gazebo / Solarium is made with no metal, except for the nails holding on the roof and shingles. With the exception of the foundation (which is modern pressure treated lumber) the lumber is all rough sawn red pine. red pine trees in their natural state
In planning this project I first did some reading to develop an understanding of the basic joints used and methods of timber frame construction. They also give a good understanding of the tools involved. I found these books to be quite good.

The posts that follow will serve as a bit of a diary of the process of building a timber frame gazebo.


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