Windows Resurected

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The 13 windows that will go into the solarium came from an architectural salvage place in Ithaca. Similar architectural salvage places are becoming quite popular around the country and they can be a great source for some old and unique items to incorporate into construction projects. In addition to the windows I also picked up a door at the same place.

They are old storm windows but will end up being sliding (side to side windows). Before they can do that though, we have to get years of old paint off of them. Care had to be used in preparation (no sanding) as at least one of the layers of paint had lead in it.

my Mother-in-law seemed disappointed when she found out the “15 minute stripper” was something that came in a can.

Here is my MIL, hard at work removing the muck. She would like you to know that when the can says “15 minutes to 2 hours” that it really means 2 hours.

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